Mariah Carey's "Hero" is 25 Years Old

When a hit song turns 25 years old it is technically old enough to be a classic hit. When they are just barely old enough, we call them baby classics.

The week's BABY CLASSIC is:

Mariah Carey's "Hero" (1994)

Although written by Mariah, "Hero" was originally meant for Gloria Estefan. Mariah didn't connect with the song at first, but after changing a couple of the lyrics she reluctantly released it and it became a huge hit! "Hero" landed at #1 on Billboard's Top 40 chart and stayed there for weeks. 

Let's take you back to this week in 1994.........

You are standing at your new George Foreman Grill, (because they just came out and everyone owned one). You're grilling up burgers while watching Nebraska win the NCAA National Football Championship. After the game, you flip through the channels to see breaking news, Tonya Harding's bodyguard and boyfriend are arrested and charged for the attack of fellow ice skating champion, Nancy Kerrigan. (WHY??? WHY?) Cover your children's eyes because the next channel you land on is the beginning of the Lorena Bobbit trial. Oh January, 1994....... what a time to be alive. 



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