"All for Love" By Sting, Bryan Adams, and Rod Stewart is 25 Years Old!

When a hit song turns 25 years old it is technically old enough to be a classic hit. When they are just barely old enough, we call them baby classics.

The week's BABY CLASSIC is:

Sting/Rod Stewart/Bryan Adams, "All for Love" (1994)

Written by Bryan Adams, this song was released on the "Three Musketeers" movie soundtrack. The box office smash came out in late 1993, but the song climbed the Billboard charts in early '94 and stayed on the adult contemporary chart for a whopping 22 weeks. It was a worldwide hit, reaching number one across Europe and North America.

Let's take you back to this week in 1994.........

You're talking with your friends, discussing "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" because that became a thing in 1994. Suddenly someone yells, "SHUSH!" They aren't being rude, they just don't want to miss the jokes on the #1 TV show, Seinfeld. Hold on to your Z Cavaricci pants.... it's 1994 baby!



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