Phase 3 Underway In Florida, But Some Counties Still Limiting Businesses

Florida is in Phase 3 of reopening. Governor DeSantis made that announcement on Friday and it means that places like bars are back open for the first time since March in Palm Beach County.

While the governor said no restaurants could be open to lower than 50 percent capacity, he said counties keeping them to under 100 percent capacity will have to present him with a good reason for doing it.

Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner says Palm Beach County is staying at 50 percent.

"And we will evaluate the health metrics as we move forward deeper into Phase 3, but as of right now restaurants are capped at 50 percent capacity."

Bars and other nightlife businesses are also back open at 50 percent.

The County had initially planned to reopen a number of businesses on Monday and more next week.

Miami-Dade County is also keeping a 50 percent capacity limit on some restaurants.

Photo: Getty Images


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