Look at this Nun Run!

Sister Stephanie Baligais passionate about serving God and making sure those in her Chicago community have food on their tables. She’s also a speedy runner since 2011, she’s run the Chicago Marathon to raise money for the Mission of Our Lady of Angels food pantry.

Now she has her sights set on a new goal - setting a new Guinness World Record. She found out no woman had ever recorded a time for running a marathon on a treadmill, so she aims to be the first. Sister Stephanie has set afundraising goalof $146-thousand and hopes her personal marathon running record time of two-hours and 53-minutes will help her get there.

“I’m gonna be praying a lot there’s gonna be a lot of praying,”she says. “Jesus and I are gonna get through this together.”

You can donate to the Mission of Our Lady of Angels food pantry or cheer on Sister Stephanie during her treadmill marathon live stream this Sunday morning.



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