Prince Harry Scrambled to Tell Royal Family About His Book the NIGHT Before

Prince Harry is putting out his debut memoir next year. While there were reports that the memoir was news to the rest of the Royal family, it turns out Harry did give them a heads up about it. However, he reached out the NIGHT BEFORE!

Prince Harry “scrambled” to let them know once he knew the memoir would be making headlines. Harry’s rep tells “Entertainment Tonight” that Harry reached out to his family privately about the book, not that he feels like he needs permission to tell his story.

Considering the media circus surrounding Harry and his family, it’s no surprise to learn that news of the memoir shook Buckingham Palace. “The Mirror” reports that Prince Charles found out the night before the news broke, and his response was, “oh gosh".

OMG I'm laughing out loud.....that's the whole response The Mirror got from Prince Charles?!? Oh, Gosh? I love it. Thank goodness it wasn't "Oh, dear" because that would have meant they are REALLY upset.

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to read this one!

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